Our Expertise

Global Linkages has extensive category expertise across many industries

  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Finished Medicines, Plastic containers/Packaging for pharma applications, Pharmacuetical machines.

  • Transportation - Railways [Wagons, Wheels, Signaling cable etc], Automotive Tires.

  • Marine Engineering products -Mooring Lines,Marine Plywood, Pumps, Generators, Compressors, Engines, Galvanized coil etc.

  • Food Industries- Spices, Dried Vegetables, Pasta, Meat, Rice, Wheat, Oleoresins etc.

  • Chemicals - Paint, Water treatment, Plastic additives, Cosmetic etc.

  • Healthcare – Medical Disposables and Supplies, Medical Equipment.

  • Others - Textiles, Garments, Safety Products, Solar Panels, Steel Angles/Beams etc.

Transparent Operation

  • Service Offerings to clients in terms of Per Project Basis or Resource Based.

  • Flat Fee Service Agreements.

  • No transaction based fees. Not a broker or commission agent.

  • Your prices are direct from the supplier factories. Complete Buyer-Supplier interaction possible and in fact promoted, leading to a totally transparent process.

  • Fee varies per scope of assignment and timeframe.

Case Studies

  • Established Foreign Branch Office for a Spanish Company based in Madrid.

  • Export Development Project for a Medical Equipment Start up to establish distributorship in 15 countries.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Sourcing for a Spanish Company.

  • Linked a Korean company for the purchase of Nicotinamide.

  • Export Development project for a Plastic Film manufacturing company in Gujarat, India – Linked a Spanish Green House Fabrication Company for Green House Film.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Sourcing for a French Company.